Phone Interviews: Your dream job is calling . . . are you prepared to take the call?

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

By now you’ve had a resume re-fresh or overhaul by Thompson & Associates Career Consulting, and you’ve gotten the call for a phone interview

your dream job. Do you feel prepared? Don’t make the mistake to believe that phone interviews are just a formality that you don’t need to prepare for because you do! It’s common for employers to do phone interviews to determine if potential candidates meet the minimum qualifications and are a good cultural fit for the company. Therefore, it’s even more important to treat phone interviews just as you would face-to-face interviews.

Here’s why:

Phone interviews are the perfect way for employers to gauge what type of employee you will be even before you step foot in the door. Not only are they looking for candidates with the necessary skills for the job but also for candidates who closely match the company’s culture. Great first impressions are the key to successful phone interviews, because they may be the last thing employers remember.

A phone interview is still an interview, so take it seriously. Background noises such a loud music, phone static, or other voices are distracting and are likely reasons to not be considered for further interviews. Find a quiet, private place with a good phone connection prior to the call. This shows your readiness and commitment to the process.

Also, employers can’t see your facial expressions or read your body language. It is only your responses, tone of voice, and background noises that can be used to decide rather to invite you to the next step in the recruitment process. Without trying too hard, enthusiasm is important for phone interviews. You always want to be yourself in any interview, phone or otherwise, but without other nonverbal cues, employers are tasked with determining your level of engagement just by what you say and how you say it. If you sound uninterested, employers will likely take that at face value.

Lastly, have you researched the company or prepared a few examples for potential questions you may be asked? Don’t assume that employers will only ask “easy questions” such as, tell me about yourself or why are you interested in this position? You should be prepared with examples to speak to on how your skills match that of the position you are seeking. Additionally, employers do expect you to have a few questions of your own. Remember, you’re interviewing the company as well; therefore, this is also your opportunity to determine if the company matches your needs.

So, are you ready? Thompson & Associates Career Consulting offers interview prep and other developmental tools to help you feel confident and prepared. Don’t let your dream job slip away. We can help! Visit our website today at for your free consult.

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