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Since our inception, Thompson & Associates Career Consulting has been totally focused on providing strategic and quality services.
Anastasia Thompson

Anastasia Thompson

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Thompson & Associates Career Consultants specialize in disciplines including: Retail (Banking & Big Box), Industrial, Sales, Marketing, Management, Operations, and Human resources. We offer a diverse portfolio of services for business owners to select from which includes: effective communication, diversity & inclusion, conflict resolution, developmental management, increasing productivity and morale, HR hotline topics, and professional development mentoring. We believe that a mix of all these will improve your company morale, retention, leaders, and bottom-line. 


We work one on one, in group settings, or we can also do video chat sessions when applicable. However, we believe our best results happen when each client takes the necessary assessments in order to identify present identifiers and/or future outliers with our clients in the development and application of the interventions and solutions. This is accomplished through continual work with our clients through our buddy programs.


We can host and facilitate workshops, partner with existing teams, help with developing potential new teams, and provide intensive coaching as well as interpersonal and communication skills training. We customize each workshop to your team specifics needs, we utilize fun inclusive teaching & knowledgeable interactions to promote and support learning and development. 

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