Let's Talk About Confidence!

You’ve been invited to interview after interview, but you can’t seem to land the job. Or, you’ve been working hard meeting and exceeding all your company goals, but you still seem to get passed up for promotions. Or, maybe you are a leader and your team constantly challenge your decisions. Have you asked yourself why? Sometimes we say and do the right things, but our presentation may be preventing us from progressing. Career development is more than just prepping for an interview or a career change; it’s deeper than that. It also involves honing in on one of the most important skills that can propel or tank your professional career – confidence.

Why is confidence so important? Your boss needs to know that you’re mentally ready for that promotion you’ve been prepping for. It’s not enough that you’ve done the work. Are they sure you can handle the pressure? Or, maybe it’s your future employer deciding between yourself and another equally qualified candidate. You may lose that opportunity if you lacked confidence during the interview.

You can have all the credentials on paper, but if you’re unable to speak to your accomplishments and to the business with confidence, you may find yourself stuck in a role that doesn’t make you happy or doesn’t meet your fullest potential.

With confidence comes trust. Walking into an interview with confidence gives more ammunition to the employer’s ability to trust that you can do the job without question. Walking into a board room of executives or even a meeting with your team confidently speaking to the business builds trust that you are knowledgeable and are making the best decisions. Many managers want to empower their leaders to feel confident in themselves to make the best decisions, and subordinates want to feel comfortable knowing their leader is giving them accurate information and direction. Remember this, even if you have the secret guide with all the answers and you know that you’re making the best decisions, a lack of confidence makes its difficult for others to trust in you and follow your lead.

Do you believe in your abilities to achieve great things? Confidence is not just about others believing in you; it first means to believe in yourself. It is a skill that comes naturally to some while most learn to build through personal and professional growth. Don’t worry, it takes practice and preparation! Career development is an investment in yourself to move toward and achieve your desired goals. At Thompson & Associates Career Consulting, LLC., we can help! When you schedule your free consultation, we will discuss the best path to shining the light of confidence that we know is already inside of you.

- Tiarra Lofton, MHRM, VP of HR

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