How to Secure the Interview with - Part 2

Last week we shared Tip #1 on How to get the  job using! Let’s continue the conversation.  What’s the next step? Glad you asked😉 ... Always read the job description before applying to any position. You want to be sure your skills and experience match with the position you are seeking. If you are changing careers or just want to challenge yourself in a different position, don’t be discouraged if you are applying for a role outside of your current scope of experience. Sometimes companies want fresh talent with a different perspective. Here’s tip #2 : If your current experience isn’t an exact match to the position you are applying for, include a cover letter to highlight your unique knowledge and skills that you believe are transferrable to this position.

Cover letters are an effective way to highlight who you are before employers even look at your resume. When cover letters are optional, it shows your extra effort in explaining how your experience and achievements will positively impact their company and may also give you a slight advantage over other applicants. Ok, we won’t make you wait! Here's

tip #3: Cover letters are not meant to tell the whole story. That’s what the interview is for. Use the cover letter to touch on key results you’ve attained in your employment history. Employers will overlook lengthy cover letters so if it’s too long, the important information may get lost in translation. If you are unsure how to do that don’t worry, again at Thompson & Associates we can do the hard work for you. I hope this helps in your job search! Tiara Lofton MHRM

Vice President of HR @ Thompson & Associates Career Consulting LLC. 

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